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Our brand

Foodhouse is a subsidiary of the OCS Group, a major corporation from the UK with currently 350 offices nationwide. After a time, the management recognised how food services had contributed to the main business and established foodhouse Thailand in 2007 in collaboration with Thailand’s major restaurant and bakery group under S&P trademark, or S&P Syndicate Public Co., Ltd., and PCS Security and Facility Services Limited, or PCS.   

From over a decade of experience in leading hospitals, our expertise and insights in health and nutrition business give us confidence and open up opportunities to expand our services into other businesses, such as international schools, commercial buildings, as well as event catering.

Our mission

Foodhouse aims to satisfy the delicate needs of people for special diets. We attentively utilize our expertise to enhance our clients’ experiences.


Our vision

To be a knowledgeable and innovative market leader in food service for people with delicate needs.


General Manager (Operations)
Kitti Meesripong
Nitinan Thamhatai
General Manager (Support and Development)
Dechpong Pattavanvivek

1. Nitinan Thamhatai, Director

I envision foodhouse as an organization whose strength comes from within, in other words an organization with quality personnel and strong human resource development. I believe that human resources are a fundamental force to move either a business or a nation. Personnel who are determined to work hard, make changes, and face new challenges, with constant personal development is the key to success

“Dare to be different”

Nitinan Thamhatai – Director, Food House Catering Services Co., Ltd

With 20 years’ experience in food service industry, Nitinan has undertaken a number of operational roles in food service industry. He was appointed International Franchise Directors of The Minor Food Group, Southeast Asia and Chief Operating Officer of R&R Restaurant Group Limited prior to joining foodhouse.

Joining foodhouse in January 2013, he has an extensive knowledge of operational delivery and excellent customer service. He also holds P&L responsibility and takes a leading role in business strategy to grow foodhouse business in Thailand.


2.Kitti Meesripong, General Manager (Operations)

“I believe that having a clear and tangible goal will allow an organization to determine for its members the directions and courses of operation. The processes and methods can be always be adjusted to the circumstances and situations, as we are now in an era of constant disruptions and changes.”

“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life”

3. Dechpong Pattavanvivek, General Manager (Support & Development)

“Develop and diversify business channels to embrace the changes in this era of globalization, including the development of a suitable work systems for the digital age of today, maximizing work efficiency.”

“You must lose your fear of being wrong in order to live a creative life.”

Compliance Support

Food quality & safety

Food quality and safety system is the key to food services. foodhouse is committed to selecting quality, safe, and qualified products whose origins can be tracked to put our customers at ease.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is mandatory regulations for food production that govern food manufacturers and guaranteeing their safe food production. By focusing on prevention and elimination of risks that threaten consumers with food hazards, food poisoning, or any other harms, the GMP standard provide consumers with the access to safe and quality food

Foodhouse’s nutritionists hold an important role in overseeing food safety as well as quality control of the food according to recommendations from doctors and nutrition principals.

The quality standards of our food services is foodhouse’s strength, assuring the clients of our services overseen by staff specialized in food quality and safety. We also implement organized data storage to maintain the standards of our work, as well as foster in our employees the awareness of the quality standards to build confidence in our clients.

kitchen employee using a test kit to ensure high food safety standards, which is one of our catering service - foodhouse
Catering service Bangna food court food quality and safety check, good manufacturing practice
food catering in Bangkok quality and safety compliance support and good manufacturing practice - foodhouse

Good Manufacturing Practice

Third party qualification NFI

certificate of completion catering service standard Gold Class - foodhouse

The joint inspections of food safety standards with relevant authorities and quality control department are scheduled regularly or quality assessment. foodhouse provides food services for hospitals with various international accreditations including JCI and HA. Besides, we are GMP certified in mass catering, which covers food safety and food sanitation principles from the National Food Institute, Ministry of Industry

Quality Standard JCI

The Joint Commission International (JCI) is under the supervision of the Joint Commission, an internationally recognized US-based organization that inspects quality and safety standards and issues accreditations to hospitals, with the purpose of constantly promoting quality and safety development in patient care among hospitals around the world.

Bangkok food catering service hospital accreditation
Bangkok food catering services joint commission international quality approval
catering service joint commission international logo - foodhouse


            Hospital Accreditation is a certification for hospitals which promotes quality development as well as knowledge acquisition and sharing. The assessment is made by the Healthcare Accreditation Institute committee.