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Why Foodhouse?

School Strength

More than a decade of experience in hospital food services has imparted to foodhouse the body of knowledge and skills that can be applied to school services as following:

  • Human resource management and planning:
    We have professional staff to help our clients plan, manage, and recruit qualified personnel, for utmost efficiency and value.
  • Nutritionists and chefs assigned to schools:
    Each school will be assigned a staff led by professional chef and nutritionist who closely supervise the canteen daily. The nutritionist is responsible for food planning for children with food allergies, while the chef is responsible for quality and flavour control, and the manager oversees day-to-day management.
  • Diverse menus:
    Our nutritionists and chefs co-create diverse menus varied in nutrition and flavours to provide students with delicious food with rich variety and balanced nutrition.
  • One stop service:
    We offer comprehensive school canteen services, from menu planning, cooking, and food serving to canteen designing, marketing, and technology-assisted canteen management system for maximized efficiency.
  • Quality control and standards:
    We maintain GMP standards used in hospitals for the quality control of our food.
  • Child protection policy trained:
    All staff members are trained according to international schools’ required standards.